The Superiority of Economists (with Etienne Ollion and Yann Algan), forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Perspectives (Winter 2015)


Seeing Like a Market (with Kieran Healy)

The Type and the Grade: On the Institutional Scaffolding of the Judgment of Taste (with Rebecca Elliott and Olivier Jacquet)

The Classifying and the Classified: Toward a Moral Sociology of the State

Credit Scores and the Moralization of Inequality (with Kieran Healy)

Lost in Translation: The Qualification of Expertise in the U.S. legal system. (with Roi Livne)

Political Space and the Genesis of Politics. For a Bourdieuian Comparative Political Sociology. (with Brian Lande and Evan Schofer). 

Political Structures and Political Mores: Varieties of Politics in Comparative Perspective. (with Evan Schofer)

The Social Trajectory of a Business Guru (with Rakesh Khurana)

Review of Monica Prasad, The Land of Too Much, for Contemporary Sociology